Effectively formulating an offer requires an intimate understanding of candidate expectations. These expectations are sometimes difficult to uncover on your own. With the help of a trusted, independent third party such as iHs, who intimately understands the market and available options for a candidate, you are able to leverage this relationship to form an offer that lays the foundation for a successful, long-term working relationship. The goal is to come up with something that works well for everyone. From the initial presentation of each candidate we’ll be transparent about their compensation expectations.  We’ll also continue to address any gaps there may be throughout the search to help prevent any surprises in the offer phase.

  • Formulate
    Once you have selected your preferred candidate, we’ll collaborate with you to formulate an offer that works well for everyone.
  • Approve
    Offer is circulated within your organization for formal approvals.
  • Present
    We’ll work together to verbally present the offer to the selected candidate before a written offer is prepared and delivered.
  • Negotiate
    The selected candidate accepts, negotiates or rejects the offer.  Negotiations resulting in changes to the employment package and supporting written offer may occur and are addressed.
  • Close
    Once negotiations are complete the selected candidate signs and sends back the written offer with agreed upon start-date.