Our Promise to Candidates

The New Commandment is our first order of business.  As such, we promise you a transparent and confidential process with the highest level of accountability and professionalism that you would expect from a close and trusted friend. It is our privilege to be in relationship with you, therefore our communications will be open and honest so trust and respect can grow. It is our hope that you will discover that our team’s insights and first hand experiences from performing the roles for the searches we conduct will provide you with an unmatched foundation for exploring the available career and market opportunities.

We promise to take time to understand you, your talents, and your needs. We will endeavor to provide you with advice that is objective, forward thinking and candid.

We are paid by our clients, to help them discover and acquire outstanding leaders, and not by our candidates. However, this is not a license for us to engage in selfish ambition or force a fit where one does not exist for both you and our client. Our goal is to facilitate an appropriately rigorous discovery process that helps people make healthy decisions. Christ’s love for us is the source of our love for you. As such, we care deeply about you and your vocation and seek to provide you with the information, interactions, and advice that will help you make your own, informed decisions.

All candidates will have a confidential discussion with someone who has in-depth knowledge of the current job market, relevant to your needs as well as the specific search we are retained on. You will be exploring a well-defined opportunity, not a moving target, because we’ve invested the time with our client to develop a clear understanding of their requirements. Our searches are highly selective. As such, we have a low interview to present ratio. Our goal, for your benefit and our client, is to ensure there is a strong fit before presenting you to the client. Therefore, we will not share your information or provide your resume without your permission.

We promise to brief you in advance of your client interviews and conduct a debrief with you afterwards. This is a concerted focus of our Talent Services Managers and Search Engagement Partners. In advance of your interviews we will provide you with background on the person or persons you will be interviewing with, the structure and culture of the client, a detailed position prospectus for the role, the selection process itself, and where you are at in this process. Also, we will provide you with an overview of the types of questions you will be asked. However, we will NOT share any of the specific questions you will be asked, or information on the other candidates under consideration for the role. After your interviews, we will provide you with both positive and constructive feedback as well as solicit your feedback. We promise to facilitate a transparent process while being careful to keep confidential information that should rightly remain confidential.

Finally, we will be accessible to you.  Even though we are typically looking for just one person in a specific search engagement while talking with many people, this does not mean we will only return calls to limited candidates. On the contrary, we understand that God finds equal value in everyone and that truly sustainable relationships are built on this foundation. As such, you can count on us to keep you honestly informed and return your inquiries promptly.  Please call us any time at (847) 447-7700.

We love what we do and the way we are loved, therefore we are deeply passionate about operating as a team where accountability, trust, and cooperation flourish. We are thankful to provide you with an opportunity to manifest the excellence that is within you.

Finding Excellence

It was a fantastic experience. I’ve never had a better recruiting experience and I didn’t even get offered the job!

-Robotic Process Automation Leader