Selecting the right candidate is one of the most important business decisions you will ever make. iHs provides you with a short list of candidates along with a detailed assessment of their fit relative to the competencies that have been identified as the best predictors of success within the role, an assessment of the fit of their basic natural behaviors and work styles relative to the unique Job Model created for your search using the PDP tools, and a summary of their candidacy. During this phase your core search selection team conducts phone and/or video conference, and/or face-to-face interviews of short listed candidates using guides iHs has created specifically for your search. iHs works with you to court these high potential candidates effectively in a thorough and timely manner.

  • Present Short-list
    iHs prepares resumes, candidate summaries and Position Competency Models for short listed candidates for your review. A summary of each candidate’s fit relative to your Job Model is also included.  This level of detailed information will allow you to make an informed decision on next steps with prospective candidates.
  • Interview Short-list
    Through phone, video-conference, and face-to-face interviews your search selection team will evaluate and assess candidates utilizing unique Interview Guides prepared by our firm. These Interview Guides are tailored specifically to position competencies originally developed in the Define phase. Every Interviewer is provided specific behavioral and technical questions relevant to their role and expertise that supports the Position Competency Model, and tailored to each candidate. This enables us to both score the candidate’s responses objectively, while enabling the interviewer to thoroughly assess fit.
  • Assess Short-list
    Upon completion of the first round of interviews conducted by your organization we’ll debrief together in a Progress Review Call or meeting.  During this time we’ll gather feedback and discuss next steps for the candidates interviewed.  Taking the time to debrief together provides an opportunity for a healthy discussion on the overall assessment of the candidate(s) interviewed.  If adjustments to the search need to be made in terms of honing in on a particular skill set or soft skill this is the time it is often uncovered.
  • Select Finalist(s)
    You will select the top 1 – 3 candidates you would like bring on-site as finalists to meet with the additional stakeholders we identified together during the Define phase.