Discovering the right candidate is predominantly a collaborative process that your iHs Search Partner and Talent Services Manager conduct internally with our research and recruiting professionals to align their understanding with the requirements for the type of candidate that will manifest excellence for you. We filter through the hundreds of people who on the surface appear to be capable of doing the job to discover the few who will manifest excellence in it.

  • Research Suspects
    We conduct internal briefings with our research and recruiting professionals to ensure the job description and competencies agreed upon in the Define Phase are communicated and understood.  Our researchers and recruiters leverage this information along with their extensive network of personal relationships and our proprietary database of more than 30,000 people who we have connected with over the years as they evaluate both active and passive suspects.
  • Identify Targets
    Before any candidates are contacted, your Search Partner will personally review each suspect presented to them by our research teams to determine whom our recruiters should pursue.
  • Pursue Targets
    Gaining the attention of busy, successful leaders is difficult. However, iHs leverages peer level leaders who have first hand experience in the roles they are recruiting for and speak the same language of candidates targeted. Making the connection with someone who is a peer provides candidates with an unmatched first impression and increases the likelihood of a favorable response.
  • Assess Targets
    After candidates are courted and preliminarily vetted during the Discover Phase by iHs’ recruiters, your iHs Search Partner will conduct technical and behavior-based interviews utilizing the PCM and Interview Guides and assess candidates against your Job Model using the ProScan tool. Prospective internal candidates as well as candidates who apply directly for the position with you or are referred to you by other parties are funneled through this same rigorous evaluation process and thoroughly scrutinized. This allows us to present you will a small, highly qualified list of candidates… candidates who are highly likely to manifest excellence in the role for which they are being recruited with your organization.