Strategy and Organizational Design

Value is delivered through three levers… strategy, talent, and organization.  Strategy is about choices.  Talent is about having the right people in the right roles.  Organization provides the environment that allows people to contribute their unique talents towards a shared mission.  Great strategies require making trade-offs and creating unique and valuable market positions.  The key to strategy execution is great talent in an efficient and effective organizational design.  Organizational designs either empower and help talent make better decisions or they frustrate them and slow them down.

Business is an infinite game.  At iHs we leverage strategy frameworks, such as Blue Ocean, to help people and organizations continuously make choices.  Choices that allow them to create and capture uncontested market space.  And, through a set of organizational design frameworks, tools and methods, we help make unseen forces visible; helping organizations analyze misalignments and generate and evaluate options that will help them make better decisions and create the reinforcing activity systems that lead to high performance.

Finding Excellence

“What we went through with iHs is the most important investment we’ve made in years.  It helped us stake out new, uncontested markets and align our people in ways that finally make us, as a whole, much greater than the sum of our parts.”

-CEO, Industrial Services Organization