General Management (CxO)

One of the most important business decisions you will ever make…  

It’s hard to imagine a business decision more impactful than the selection of your most senior leadership.  Whether you promote from within or hire from the outside, the leader selected should match the direction your CEO, board and/or owners desire to take.  Furthermore, managing this change is a critical, delicate art. Having held senior executive positions such as CEO, Chairman of the Board, Division General Manager, Partner-in-Charge, and Senior Vice President themselves, our Partners are ideal collaborators in the development and management of an objective, rigorous process that ensures neutrality and effectiveness…  one that results in leaders that manifest excellence.

Finding Excellence

“We had someone in mind for the CFO role at one of our portfolio companies that we thought would be great. After working with iHs we discovered not only that they weren’t the right fit for the role in terms of what iHs calls the basic / natural self, but that we had a CFO who was similar to the person we were thinking of hiring that was under tremedous stress we didn’t see. Working with iHs allowed us to make a great hire for the CFO of one of our portfolio companies and make a change at another that was high impact.”

Partner, Private Equity Firm

“It’s important to work with people you trust and have your best interest in mind. iHs takes times to understand your hiring needs and offers advice, even advice that is hard to hear, because they always have your best interest in mind.”

VP, IT – Fortune 300 Manufacturing Company