Blue Ocean: Creating Uncontested Market Space and Making the Competition Irrelevant

Fundamentally, strategy is about choices.  Blue Ocean Strategy is the simultaneous pursuit of differentiation and low cost to open up a new market space and create new demand.  It’s about creating and capturing uncontested market space, thereby making the competition irrelevant.  It’s based on the view that market boundaries and industry structure are not a given and can be reconstructed by the actions and beliefs of industry players.

At iHs, our mission is human flourishing.  Our Engagement Partners are Blue Ocean certified and Blue Ocean concepts and tools have been thoughtfully integrated into our delivery methodologies and tool sets to help companies identify new opportunities and effectively organize to capture them and, novelly, to help companies’ IT organizations make the transition to run like a business that excels at the creation of value and the improvement of business outcomes; maximizing human, asset, and data potential.

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Finding Excellence

“Working with iHs helped us originate ideas that resulted in the creation and delivery of a compelling portfolio of valuable new products and services; and design the organization we would need to execute on our strategy and shift more capital from run the business to grow the business.”

– CIO, Fortune 2000 Company