On-boarding your leaders well is critical to their long-term success. Our team will work with you to help ensure a smooth transition for both you and your new leader. We can assist with pre-arrival checklists and transition plans prior to the commencement of employment.

  • Pre-Arrival Tasks
    These checks include background verification, an organizational announcement to appropriate team members on the new hire, and creating a pre-arrival checklist of additional preparations that need to occur in order to ensure successful start-up.
  • Transition
    We coach and assist new hires through their exit process with their former employer. The goal is to see them successfully navigate this process while maintaining positive, long-term relationships.
  • Start-up
    The new hire begins employment and initial employee training, security, resource assignment and team introductions are conducted. To help facilitate rapid and healthy integration into their new role and your organization, we typically develop and provide a PDP Side-by-Side report for the new hire and their immediate supervisor. The PDP Side-by-Side report highlights similarities and differences between two people and introduces them to proactive planning concepts and clarifying questions that are unique to each of their basic natural behaviors and work styles. It is used to help two people develop a strong, collaborative relationship with healthy norms that lead to high performance.
  • Release Runners-up
    Finalists who are not selected to fill your search are strong candidates as well. If your first choice does not accept, we move quickly with you to begin negotiations with your next runner-up.  Runners-up who are not selected are closed in a highly professional manner leaving them with a positive impression of your organization and the process.
  • Assess
    We’ll conduct a client satisfaction / quality of hire survey approximately 3 months after the incumbent begins.  This survey is used to help us understand the effectiveness of the hire.  Additionally, it gives you a chance to rate the process used to select the hire. As well, a search isn’t successful until your new leader is assimilated and beginning to be productive. As such as part of each search we offer to conduct a 360 degree early assimilation survey after 3 months to provide your new leader and their immediate supervisor with feedback from this survey needed to facilitate effective start-up and assimilation.