Evaluating your finalists is an important step in hiring a person who will not only fit, but also manifest excellence in your unique environment. Expanding the selection process to incorporate additional stakeholders is a strategic investment required to ensure a candidate’s fit. We equip your stakeholders with the tools, coaching, and guidance required to maximize the return of their investment in validating each finalist. At the same time, the finalists are provided an opportunity to build relationships with future stakeholders, and envision their success in your organization. Validation enables the broad, compelling, and healthy selection of your new, long-term, leaders.  

  • Brief/ Debrief Stakeholders and Finalists
    Conducting a briefing meeting/call prior to your finalists arrival on-site provides consistency.  It gives all interviewers the same information and allows them to ask questions related to the position so they understand well what the hiring manager is looking for and the concerns of the finalists.  Similarly, conducting a debrief meeting/call after a finalist has interviewed on-site with all interviewers allows for constructive feedback and healthy dialogue towards empowering the hiring executive to make a wise decision that is well supported.
  • Evaluate Finalists
    We will work with you to coordinate face-to-face interviews for the finalists with your stakeholders.  Our team prepares Interview Guides with questions that relate best to the interviewers and align with the original competencies required for success within the role and address important interests expressed by your finalists.
  • Courtship Events
    Just as you are determining whether a candidate is a fit for your organization, candidates are also evaluating you and your organization to see if the fit is mutual.  Our team will work with you to coordinate courtship activities that will be advantageous in pursuing your high potential finalists.
  • Select
    The last step in the validate phase is to select your new leader.  You’ll feel confident selecting your new leader knowing that the process has been comprehensive.