Succeeding at Leadership Transitions

Leadership transitions create uncertainty and are typically high-stakes, high-tension events.  When ask to rank life’s challenges in order of difficulty, the top one is “making a transition at work” – ahead of bereavement, divorce, and health issues according to a study by DDI.  As many as 74 percent of US leaders and 83 percent of global ones think they are unprepared for their new roles.  Organizations most often try to help newly appointed leaders by supplying them with mentors or informal buddy networks.  Yet, only 47 percent of external hires and 29 percent of internal ones find these helpful.  Standard orientation programs are the second most common approach, however only 19 percent of externally and 11 percent of internally recruited executives consider them effective.  Customized assimilation plans and tailored executive coaching have been shown to double the likelihood of success, yet only 32 percent of organizations use them.  iHs combines intimate knowledge of industry and technology trends with expertise in behavioral assessment and human development and technology leadership executive search with their Partners’ peer level experience in roles such as: CEO, CIO, CMO, Managing Director, Partner-in-Charge, President, and Sr. Vice President at high-growth businesses, leading professional services firms and industry titans to help you prepare for the high-stakes, high-tension event known as a technology leadership transition.

Finding Excellence

The process that iHs took us through is what I would consider to be the Gold Standard..”
– CIO, Fortune 500 CPG Company