Leadership Advisory

Great leaders aren’t born, they’re developed.

No man is an island. Developing great leaders and teams is like building a life raft. In order to survive you not only need a diverse set of skills and abilities but, also, a diverse set of natural behaviors and work styles. Yet, just having this diversity is far from enough. It takes an intimate understanding of the gifts each team member brings to the life raft AND how this unique combination of natural behaviors and work styles performs best together in order to move from surviving to thriving. iHs combines deep understanding of human dynamics with expertise in behavioral assessment tools from PDP with their Partners’ peer level experience in roles such as: CEO, CIO, CMO, Managing Director, Partner-in-Charge, and Sr. Vice President at high growth businesses, leading professional services firms and industry titans to help you develop leaders and teams that thrive via:

Finding Excellence

The process we went through was extremely beneficial. The team members are doing very well and not waiting to receive direction. I absolutely believe the process we went through with iHs helped us get the right people in the right spots and understand how to perform better together.”
– CIO, Fortune 1000 Company