About iHs

The Business Challenge

Digital technologies can significantly improve the performance of businesses and even give birth to entirely new operating models that shake up sectors (the newspaper and recording industries are cases in point).  Now, more than ever, there is increasing pressure to:

  • Harness the power of data and artificial intelligence
  • Modernize core technology and capitalize on new technology
  • Automate and optimize operations
  • Create outstanding digital experiences for customers
  • Turbo-charge sales and marketing using digital concepts and technologies
  • Build a digital culture 

It takes more than just getting the right technologies and processes in place. If a key ingredient is people, then having the right people in the right roles is the winning formula to be successful at digital transformations. This is especially true for people in positions of leadership.

85% of jobs are expected to be reinvented by 2030, and many positions currently being added by organizations to fuel their transformations are new and the organization has never before hired. The skill gaps continues to widen, especially with it comes to digital and analytics. The failure rate of Analytics and AI projects is 85%, 40% of all new managers and executives fail within the first 18 months, 60% of work teams fail to accomplish their goals, and 66% of hiring managers regret their interview-based hiring decisions.

The iHs Solution

It is rare that people’s basic/natural self (the way one behaves without any outside pressure for adjustment) is continuously aligned with an organization’s roles and ways of working.  It is also uncommon for leaders and teams to posses mutual understanding of the similarities and differences of the basic natural self of team members and how they work best together to create a high performing team.  As well, as organizations go through radical transformations in an effort to continuously transform their businesses and industries, they deeply need to understand what new roles and ways of working are succeeding and what are not.

At iHs our mission is human flourishing.  We combining deep expertise in psychometrics, private equity and real estate, strategy, and organization design frameworks, such as Blue Ocean and the Star Model, with the peer level experiences of our Partners and expertise gained from the completion of thousands of engagements to help you:

  • Develop Strategies that Create Demand in Uncontested Markets and Design the Organizations Required to Execute
  • Discover and Acquire Leaders that Succeed
  • Improve the Performance of Leaders and Teams
  • Succeed at Leadership Transitions

Through more than one thousand engagements over the last 10 years, iHs has delivered the following results:

  • >90% of the time clients rate the candidates placed through an iHs search or leadership transition engagement a 9 or 10 (out of 10) when asked to rate the candidate’s performance
  • Average Client Satisfaction score of 9.7 (out of 10) for all strategy and organizational design and Leadership Advisory engagements

Finding Excellence

“It’s important to work with people you trust and have your best interest in mind. iHs takes times to understand your hiring needs and offers advice, even advice that is hard to hear, because they always have your best interest in mind.”
VP, IT – Fortune 300 Manufacturing Company