Improving the Performance of Leaders and Teams

At iHs we do what we do because we deeply desire to see people and communities flourish.  We utilize the PDP system to help organizations:

Select The Right People for Roles:  The basic / natural self is the way one behaves without any outside pressure for adjustment.  And, by the time we reach adulthood, it rarely changes significantly.  95% of our decision making takes place in the subconscious mind.  The basic / natural self is a representation of these subconscious behaviors and it’s very difficult to change.  So, you had better select for it, because once you’ve made your selection, you’re highly unlikely to change it.

Build Dynamic and Effective Teams:  TeamScans and Side-by-Sides highlight the similarities and differences between people and introduces them to proactive planning concepts and clarifying questions that are unique to each of their basic / natural behaviors and work styles.  They are used to help people develop strong, collaborative relationships with healthy norms that lead to high performance.  When your team experiences better internal connection, productivity, retention, and job success naturally follow.

Unlock Human Potential:  The ProScan instrument is used to discover what make people tick – motivators, stressors, satisfaction, communication style, logic, strengths and more.  iHs utilizes the ProScan to help individuals uncover and then habituate metanoias.  A metanoia is a radical shift in mindset that brings with it a change in perception.  Metanoias have the power to unlock hidden potential and bring about greater levels of human flourishing

Finding Excellence

Wow… now I understand why two of the leaders I placed in my new BRM roles weren’t getting the results I’d hope for; no matter how much clear direction and positive and constructive feedback I gave.  They were top performers in their previous roles.  However, now I see that one was just in the wrong role for who they are naturally and the other had a limiting belief.

-VP of IT, Fortune 500 Manufacturer